Individual membership

Individual membership in R3 Nordic

R3 Nordic is a non-profit organization and to access its wide range of information, training and other events, you must be a member. The membership fee is paid per calendar year by means of a payment card sent by the Secretariat. You can apply for a new membership directly here on the website or contact the office by phone or email if you have any questions.

Dual membership - PHSS

Through a special cooperation agreement, the association can offer interested members of R3 Nordic a discounted membership in PHSS. A discount of £30 is then given on the normal PHSS membership fee as shown at by entering a discount code for R3 members. Please contact the Secretariat to obtain it.

Double membership - PDA

Through a special cooperation agreement, the association can also offer interested members of R3 Nordic a so-called Secondary Membership in PDA – Parenteral Drug Association – at a reduced price.

Since mid-June 2022, PDA has a completely new membership structure and now has several different membership types, each with 3 different levels; Essential, Plus and Premium. Read more on PDA | New Membership Structure.

As an R3 member, you receive a 10% discount on the membership price and to become a member of the PDA you need to fill in the pda-membership-application.pdf and send it to

When you submit the membership application, you must state that you are a member of R3 Nordic in order to receive your discount and as PDA contacts us to verify the membership, it is important that you have an active membership in R3 Nordic in place first.

You will thus be charged membership fees from each organization and here the membership fee in R3 Nordic is valid for the period January – December while the membership fee in PDA is valid for 1 year from payment.

Membership - Options

Individual member of R3 Nordic
Dual membership R3 Nordic and PHSS
Dual membership R3 Nordic and PDA
Membership in all three organizations