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Invitation to
R3 Nordic

23rd – 24th May 2023 
Kick-off event 22nd May 2023
at Marienlyst Strandhotel,
Helsingør, Denmark.

Preliminary times:

May 22
Annual meeting 6:00 p.m (18.00)
– Kick-off even 6:30-09.00 p.m (18.30-21.00)

May 23
– Opening 8.45 am.
– Symposium 09.00  a.m – 5:00 p.m (9.00 – 17.00)

– Dinner in the evening

May 24
– Symposium 8:30 a.m – 04:00 p.m (8.30 – 16.00)
– Closing 04:15 p.m (16.15)

Download/Read the final program here! 


Speakers & Topics

Authorities Expectations, EU GMP Annex 1 & 15 and the use of Standards

The Danish Medicines Agency’s expectations for inspections and implementation of Annex 1
Thomas Vestergaard Pedersen (DK) Danish Medicines Agency

Annex 1:2022 – Impact of revised Annex 1 on Design, Testing and Monitoring Cleanrooms and Clean Air Devices
– Gordon Farquharson, Critical Systems Ltd (UK)

CQV – The importance of Commissioning and Performance Verification as part of Q&V in Annex 15
Conor Murray (IRL) 3dimension

The helpful standards
– Marianne Vidkjær (DK) Danish Standards

Risk Assessment, Gap-analysis & Contamination Control Strategy 

Management of Risks to Product Safety, Quality and Sustainability
– Roland Cocker (IRL) Cocker Consulting Ltd

Risk assessment in practice
– Kari Solem Aune (N) COWI

GAP-analysis according to Annex 1
– Ina Glamheden-Helle (S) Bavarian Nordic

Implementation of Contamination Control Strategy
– Kirsten Jorsal (DK) Ellab

Overview of PHSS published guidance on Contamination Control Strategy preparation and experience from application
– James Drinkwater (UK) FranzZiehl

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental microbial sampling 
– Sabine Bessières Recasens (F) Merck

Microbiological impaction instruments – The importance of d50
– Berit Reinmüller (S) Chalmers

The challenge of microbiological contamination control and the role of the ISO 14644 family of ”dashes” 
Conor Murray (IRL) 3dimension

Hospitals & Healthcare sector

Transmission of respiratory infections – clinical and theoretical knowledge post covid-19
Elsebeth Tvenstrup Jensen (DK) Statens Serum Institut

– Pandemic control strategies in built environment
– Piia Sormunen (FI) Granlund

Development of Ultraclean Air Operating Rooms 
– Bengt Ljunqvist (S) & Berit Reinmüller (S) Chalmers

Healthcare sector – Lessons learned from new and existing sterilization units.  -What’s needed in order to be in control
– Jan Mottlau (DK) Niras / Michael Jensen (DK) Niras

Ensured cleanliness in healthcare premises. – Design process to achieve optimal local function regarding cleanliness
– Lennart Hultberg (S) ProcessHygien

Legionnaires’ disease in Denmark: Legionellae – opportunistic pathogens present in most moist environments
– Søren Uldum (DK) Statens Serum Institut

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är Operation-300x223.png

Cleaning & Disinfection 

Aseptic behavior – cleaning & disinfection
– Nadine Hoffmann (DK) Nadine Pharma Consulting

The importance of detecting and effectively removing disinfectant residues in the GMP environment
– Juliana Nassette (NL) Ecolab

Biocides and cleaning in cleanrooms
– Tor Hjelmer (S) Miclev

New Shade of Ultraviolet Light Disinfects Air and Surfaces Around Us With no Harm to Humans
– Peter Tønning (DK) UV Medico

Experiments in reducing surface microbial levels within Hospital Environments using Hydrogen peroxide vapor and blue led light
Kim Hagström (FI) Halton

What is clean? –And when is clean, clean enough?
– Jette Holt (DK) Statens Serum Institut

Barrier technology

Barrier technologies developments to meet Annex 1 requirements
– James Drinkwater (UK) Franz Ziehl

Contamination control of isolator
Yuanzhong Wang (DK) Novo Nordisk

Energy saving, HVAC, Waters systems & Cleanrooms

Energy efficient HVAC design for pharma
– Ulla Thomsen (DK) Novo Nordisk

Zero Carbon 2050 & Energy Reduction for Cleanrooms. Opportunities, standards/guidance and hazards
Gordon Farquharson (UK) Critical Systems Ltd (UK)

-Development of ultraclean air operating rooms
-Bengt Ljungqvist (S)/Berit Reinmüller (S) Chalmers

Energy saving in water production
– Henrik Goldschmidt (DK) NNE

Cleanroom testing
– Svend Thygesen (DK) Bavarian Nordic

Sustainable development and energy efficiency in cleanrooms
– Jukka Vasara (FI) 

Vertical transportation through controlled environments:  A clean lift prototype for multipurpose use
– Francesco Romano (I) Politecnico di Milano

Radiopharmaceuticals to be or not to be
Anne-Mette Nielsen Wittekind (DK) Rigshospitalet

Water systems for pharmaceutical production
– Henrik Goldschmidt (DK) NNE


Food safety of cobots 
– Gun Wirtanen (FI) Seinäjoki University

Hygiene in food industry
Kenth Kjærsgaard (DK) Niras

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Download/Read the final program here! 

The symposium provides a fantastic opportunity to acquire high level knowledge in many disciplines. Furthermore, it offers an unique business opportunities by helping to grow your network with other participants’ businesses, both as audience and as speakers or exhibitors.

The program and registration to the Symposium can be found on R3 Nordic homepage https://r3nordic.org/produkt-kategori/courses/

The R3Nordic society is a non-profit association with activities in research, training, production, and product development in controlled environments.

What :  The 52nd R3Nordic Symposium

When:   23rd & 24th of May 2023.   Kick-off event on the evening the 22nd

Where:   Marienlyst Strandhotel,   Nordre Strandvej 2A,   3000 Helsingør,   Denmark

Who:  The symposium will be of interest for you in the   area of    pharma, life science, biotech, food  and  hospitals.

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We would very much like to promote networking therefore we have included the banquet in the conference fee for participants and we also include some free tickets for each exhibitor too.




Symposium including accommodation in single room May 23rd to 24th


Symposium including accommodation in double room May 23rd to 24th


Symposium without accommodation


1 030 EUR

Symposium without accommodation


960 EUR

Extra participants from exhibitors to symposium without accommodation


670 EUR

Extra participants from exhibitors to symposium without accommodation


600 EUR



Rooms needs to be booked with the hotel

Participants who are not already members of R3 will be for one year in connection with participation. Hence the price difference.

Registration is available through the R3 homepage https://r3nordic.org/produkt-kategori/courses/


Exhibition booths are available in the following sizes and numbers. The exhibition area is located right outside the main lecture hall.


Number of booths

Footprint m2

Included participants


XS (roll-up)



200 EUR



3 – 4


1300 EUR



4,5 – 5,5


1700 EUR



6 – 7


2500 EUR



8 – 9


3000 EUR

For booking of exhibition space please contact Alan Friis alfr@forcetechnology.com

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