Symposium 2019 (registration until March 31)

Symposium 2019 (registration until March 31)

Use this form to register a single participant OR to use a “Go 3 Pay for 2”-offer.
If you want to register more than one participant, or use several “Go 3 Pay for 2”-offers you will need to complete the form and place in the cart before you start next registration.
When you are done with all registrations you go to the cash register where you can choose to pay by card or receive an invoice.

NB! For the Symposium you MUST choose SEK as currency in order to get correct price!
OBS! För Symposiet MÅSTE du välja SEK som valuta för att debiteras rätt pris!


    If you incorrectly register as a member we will invoice you full membership fee afterwards.

    • 7800 kr
    • 5500 kr
    • 15600 kr
    • 8450 kr
    • 6150 kr
    • 5460 kr
    • 3850 kr
    • 5900 kr
    • 4300 kr

    After checking the box, please enter No. of participants.

    • 950 kr


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